Школа Татьяны Фанштейн приглашает взрослых отметить Рождество!

In our 90 minutes together, we’ll explore how the winter holidays speak to our senses:

- You’ll discover your Christmas decorating style: is it ‘eclectic opulence’ or ‘Scandi simplicity’ or, perhaps, ‘festive flamboyance’?

- Cinnamon, gingerbread, tangerine, spruce or pine – there are some many delicious smells wafting through the air around this time of year. Which ones evoke your happiest memories?

- We’ll listen to some sounds, put our heads together to name them, and then make silly or spooky stories – lots of fun guaranteed! Especially if you bring a glass of champagne to the class, which we highly recommend 😉

- You’ll design your own perfect holiday retreat – and who knows, perhaps your dream will come true, if not this year, then in the year to come.

- However difficult the year has been, we’ll try to look back with gratitude and give ourselves a little pat on the back. And, of course, we’ll finish by making a wish – or as many wishes as you want!

26.12 12.00-13.30 мск
Стоимость участия
1000 рублей
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