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I can offer you
Mentoring programme
5 lessons plans of your lessons to be checked and discussed
Online sessions with immediate solutions of your teaching problems
2 collections of rhymes
  • My English Rhymes — rhymes and illustrations for kids 0-8 y.o. for the classroom and homework — 50 rhymes and 50 sets of pictures
  • My Alphabet Rhymes — 26 rhymes and sets of pictures for each letter of the alphabet for primary school — 55 pages PDF

  • 15 useful games for secondary schoolers to let your students speak
  • Drilling makes perfect: how to drill effectively
  • Games: getting across (to explain the rules and be heard)
  • Dealing with Grammar: presentation (how to explain and let them use it)
Picture dictionary
Dictionary with 3 mind-maps and 108 flash-cards about food, actions, school and kindergarten.
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