Пройдите бесплатный тест на определение уровня владения английским языком

Прохождение теста занимает 20−30 минут,
из них 6−8 минут на устную часть, остальное на письменную.
После того, как вы пройдете письменную часть, с вами свяжется менеджер для прохождения устной части и для озвучивания результатов.
Заполните форму для получения результата и прохождения устного тестирования
1. I ____very angry.
2. Is this your child? – No, this is __________ son.
3. Where __________ your mother live?
4. He is from Japan, he is__________.
5. She works in a hospital. She is a__________.
6. Sue ____visits her Granny, every Saturday.
7. - What do you do? - __________.
8. __________twelve chairs in the dining room.
9. New York is __________ than London.
10. I __________for a walk yesterday, I stayed at home.
11. It is Wednesday today. It will be __________ tomorrow.
12. I usually__________at 7 o’clock.
13. I lost my glasses yesterday. Can you__________them, please?
14. Whats the time? - It's 16.15.
15. Listen! __________Peter __________?
16. What are your summer plans? - I__________to Egypt.
17. - What has happened? - Sorry, I __________ your favourite vase.
18. - Why are you late? – I __________my train in the morning.
19. Our city is very__________, there are so many people here.
20. He gets home__________bus.
21. What's the weather ____today? - It’s sunny.
22. My brother __________get up at 7.00 every morning. He doesnt like it, but he starts his work at 8.30, he has no choice!
23. Hooray! I __________ to Australia tomorrow. I bought a ticket a long time ago, and now I'm packing my bags.
24. If I __________a princess, I __________live in a castle.
25. His behaviour is very __________to his mum. She is always sad.
26. All your clothes are on the floor. Please, __________.
27. - There are so many people in the streets! – No wonder. It’s 6 o’clock. It’s a rush__________.
28. - I am terribly sorry! - __________.
29. She left school in 1999, __________?
30. I __________in London for 2 years before I moved to New York in 2011.
31. Peter asked me ___ that film.
32. Indian food like curry is a very__________dish.
33. Mary is very__________.Now she is smiling, in a minute she will cry, soon she will be aggressive
34. Can I borrow some money __________you?
35. -What shall we do tonight? - __________going to a restaurant?
36. What was it there in the sky? - It_________ a helicopter, I couldnt see clearly.
37. We saw that one of our windows__________.
38. I wouldn't have met my boyfriend unless I____shopping that Friday evening.
39. I have to__________my boyfriend’s character. He is a bit rude, but nice.
40. Don't __________ the mosquito bite, youll only make it worse.
41. She is __________, it means shes expecting a baby.
42. - I lost my favourite ring! - __________! You loved it so much!
43. My feet were aching yesterday evening. We__________for 3 hours in the morning .
44. He is Spanish so he __________ on the right.
45. I wish I__________my hair blonde when I visited my hairdresser last time.
46. John is such an annoying person. He is a _________.
47. She suddenly felt dizzy and__________. Her boyfriend picked her up and put on her bed.
48. I can’t forget this tune, it’s very __________.
49. Good bye! I am looking_____seeing you again.
50. Why is your house full of workers? - I __________.
51. I am very nice, __________?
52. I gave a present to_________ child in my class.
53. I can’t explain the _________of the rules of cricket. It’s so complicated.
54. Jack never drinks alcohol. He is a ____.
55. I can't stay at home, I try to travel as much as possible. They say I have____.
56. (phone call) -Sorry, I don't remember the number offhand. Bear with me while I look it up. - Don't worry. ____
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